Many mothers often want to know how to have the best experience when breastfeeding a newborn. Discussions on this topic must start with a focus on the mother’s preparedness to breastfeed. It is helpful to have a set of staple products that assist in making breastfeeding a smooth process. Below are a few key items, and product choices, for expecting mothers, which are top of the class in their respective categories.
  • Well-fitted breastfeeding bra. This is a great place to start. ThirdLove is known for its versatility and comfort. These bras are perfect for all shapes and sizes, making their design welcoming for the nursing mother.
  • Gel breastfeeding pads. These are very helpful to prevent leakage of breastmilk and are soothing to the breast. Medela’s Tender Care Hydrogel Pads provide comfort to sore or raw nipples, which is a common result of frequent breastfeeding/pumping. Gel pads often bring some much-needed relief.
  • Conventional breastfeeding pads. BabyBliss Organic Bamboo Nursing Pads stand out because of their softness and contour shape, along with ease of washing and reuse. If disposable breast pads are more your style, the Lansinoh Stay Dry Nursing Disposable Pads may be your best choice. These pads are super absorbent and the wicking layer helps keep dampness away from the breast.
  • Breast pump. This is an important item to have in order to pump and store your milk for future feedings. It can also help relieve fullness of the breast. Among breast pumps, the Medela Sonata is a top choice. While priced higher than some competitors, it is well worth it. The strength of suction and rhythm can be personalized, which ensures the pump is effective and has the appropriate gentleness.
Breastfeeding pillows. Positioning your infant for feeding is vital. Correct position allows for comfort and support, while simultaneously encouraging proper latching. We recommend the Boppy Pillow for its great form and design. This pillow is modestly priced and provides the necessary support to cradle your baby into a perfect feeding position.
Breastfeeding is an important way to bond with your baby and help guarantee that proper nutrition is received. Hopefully these product tips provide a great foundation to improve the breastfeeding experience and allow new mothers to become more comfortable with the process. Lastly, always remember, there is a ton of support available through breastfeeding groups and professionals that can help you along this crucial path.
January 30, 2022