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The KIAH "kangaroo" shirt is designed for dads and moms to promote skin-to-skin bonding with their newborns. Made out of a soft cotton blend, this shirt is breathable, comfortable and will be your new go-to for lounging with your new baby. The internal-facing pouch safely holds your newborn between 7 and 15lbs.


96.5% Cotton, 3.5% Spandex


How to use the "kangaroo" shirt

For the baby's comfort and safety, support the baby with your hands while inside the pouch, always ensure the baby is facing you, and that the baby's face is not covered. For use only with babies from 7-15lbs. Not for use by premature babies or babies with respiratory issues. 

  1. Pull shirt away from the stomach or away from the chest
  2. Gently insert baby into the pouch, placing baby chest to chest with the wearer 
  3. Feet should be frogged and the head should be outside of the top of the shirt 
  4. Place baby’s shoulders over the top of the pouch 
  5. Use your hand or other additional support to hold the baby while inside the pouch 
  6. To remove the baby from the pouch, use both hands and remove through the top neckline
  7. Only use shirt while seated

XS: Bust size 31.5-33 (inches), waist 23-25.5 (inches)

S: Bust size 33-36 (inches), waist 25.5-28 (inches)

M: Bust size 36-39 (inches), waist 28-31.5 (inches)

L: Bust size 39-41 (inches), waist 31.5-35 (inches)

XL: Bust size 41-44 (inches), waist 35-40 (inches)


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