The KIAH "kangaroo shirt" is designed for dads and moms to promote skin-to-skin bonding with your newborn. Made out of soft cotton, this shirt is breathable, comfortable and will be your new go-to for lounging with your new baby. The internal facing pouch safely holds your newborn between 7 and 15lbs.

How to use the "kangaroo" shirt

For the baby's comfort and safety, support the baby with your hands while inside the pouch, always ensure the baby is facing you, and that the baby's face is not covered. For use only with babies from 7-15lbs. Not for use by premature babies or babies with respiratory issues. 

  1. Pull shirt away from stomach or away from chest
  2. Gently insert baby into pouch, placing baby chest to chest with the wearer 
  3. Feet should be frogged and head should be outside of the top of the shirt 
  4. Place baby’s shoulders over the top of the pouch 
  5. Use your hand or other additional support to hold baby while inside pouch 
  6. To remove baby from the pouch, use both hands and remove through the top neckline
  7. Only use shirt while seated
  • Size specifications: For use for babies between 7 and 15lbs. Do not use the kangaroo pouch shirt for premature babies or babies weighing less than 7lbs. 
  • Baby should face the caregiver: Baby should always be facing the wearer, with full head and face visible and the nose and mouth turned to the side. 
  • Face should always be visible: Check often to make sure the baby's face remains uncovered, is clearly visible and away from the caregivers body. 
  • Not a hands free carrier: This shirt is not designed for hands-free carrying. Only use shirt while seated and use one hand to support the baby. 
  • Check baby temperature: While wearing your baby within the kangaroo top, check frequently to ensure the baby is comfortable and not getting too hot by feeling the back of the baby's neck. 
  • Fall hazard: Baby can fall out of pouch. Do not lean forward, bend over or walk while carrying baby inside kangaroo top. 
  • Suffocation hazard: Babies younger than 4 months can suffocate in this product if face is pressed tightly against the caregiver's body. Babies at greater risk of suffocation include those born prematurely or those with respiratory problems. Do not use this product with babies under 7lbs.
  • DO NOT FALL ASLEEP: Never sleep with an infant in the kangaroo top.  The caregiver wearing the top should always be attentive to the infant.
  • Always check for ripped seams, torn fabric or other visible signs of damage or deterioration to the kangaroo top and discontinue use if noted.
  • KIAH, nor its affiliates, distributors, wholesalers, or retailers are responsible for accidents or injuries that occur from improper use of the kangaroo top or because of any alteration or modification of the top.
  • Follow all manufacturer’s instructions to prevent serious injury or infant death.
  • Read all warnings before using KIAH’S kangaroo top.